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The dirt on Laundrymen.

It began with a dude and his truck — a Durham, North Carolina, native with a vision and a killer work ethic named Howard Wood.

After college, Howard worked in sales and marketing. After a few years in the business world he had an epiphany: while he loved working hard, he didn’t love the corporate life. So he applied his experience and entrepreneurial spirit and became an on-site chef for several fraternities at NC State University.

Howard Wood and his truck

As his gigs on campus grew, so did the idea of a door-to-door laundry service (chefs tend to make a mess). Very soon, Laundrymen was born. And it’s been growing steadily ever since.

Even as service has expanded to include students and staff at colleges throughout the Triangle — along with homes and businesses in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill — Howard has maintained the same, straightforward philosophy: Provide a trusted and convenient service. Focus on customer satisfaction. Treat people right.

All of which helps explain why Laundrymen is the officially endorsed laundry service provider for Duke University. (For the record: We are not in any way affiliated or endorsed by any other university or college we serve, and make no implication of any such relationship. But rest assured we do our best everywhere we go.)