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Duke University

On-Campus or Around Durham; Keeping it Clean.

Laundrymen has been helping Blue Devils keep it clean for over a decade — we’re the only officially approved laundry service on campus (which means we come straight to the students’ doors; no running around to meet a van). We use the latest machines, environmentally friendly cleaning materials, and pay all of our employees a living wage.

This may explain why thousands of Duke University customers, living in residence halls and off-campus, have fallen in love with our reliable, affordable service. They’ve been thrilled (yes, thrilled) by our incredibly convenient contactless pickup and 48-hour turnaround for delivery.

Now, it’s your turn.

You can use us once, once a week, or once a month for wash/dry/fold or dry-cleaning; we’ll customize your service to suit your needs. Wherever you live in Durham, and whether you’re a Duke student, faculty, or staff member, get ready for:

  • Contactless pickup and delivery, on and off-campus
  • A steady stream of clean clothes
  • Pricing by the bag for wash/dry/fold or by the piece for dry-cleaning
  • Service that follows the school calendar
  • Convenient weekly or bi-weekly service
  • Equally convenient automatic billing
  • Professional dry-cleaning with tailoring and repair options

Sign-up any time on our sign-up page, or see our campus pricing and dry-cleaning pricing pages for more details. If the pile has already gotten overwhelming, call us at 919-215-8575, and we’ll get our Duke University laundry experts on it right away.

Campus laundry services

  • Meredith College
  • North Carolina Central University
  • North Carolina State University
  • St. Augustine’s University
  • St. Mary’s School
  • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Peace University