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NC State

NC State: Keeping it Clean in the City of Oaks.

All you Pack backers can put down the detergent and pick up something much better: affordable, professional, reliable door-to-door laundry service. Whether you live on one of NCSU’s many campuses or off, you can use us a single time, or keep the clean clothes coming all semester long. Either way, you can count on a convenient 48-hour turnaround for dry-cleaning and wash/dry/fold service.

We work hard to do good by you and your clothes. That’s why we make sure our team members are fairly paid, well-trained, use state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning materials. Heck, we’re even certified and accredited.

So it’s time for you to pay more attention to other things, without paying more than you have to. You can use us once, once a week, or once a month for wash/dry/fold or dry-cleaning; we’ll customize your service to suit your needs. Wherever you live inside the Beltline, and whether you’re an NCSU student, faculty, or staff member get ready for:

  • Contactless pickup and delivery, on and off-campus
  • A steady stream of clean clothes
  • Pricing by the bag for wash/dry/fold or by the piece for dry-cleaning
  • Service that follows the school calendar
  • Convenient weekly or bi-weekly service
  • Equally convenient automatic billing
  • Professional dry-cleaning with tailoring and repair options

Sign-up any time on our sign-up page, or see our campus pricing and dry-cleaning pricing pages for more details. If the pile is already overwhelming, call us at 919-215-8575, and we’ll get our NCSU laundry experts on it right away.

Campus laundry services

  • Meredith College
  • North Carolina Central University
  • North Carolina State University
  • St. Augustine’s University
  • St. Mary’s School
  • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • William Peace University