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Dry Cleaning

Affordable dry cleaning. Without getting your hands dirty.

You’re already letting someone else do the actual dry cleaning, but you’re still wasting precious time dropping it off and picking it up yourself?

That’s just not right. So how about this: You take whatever you need dry cleaned and put it out in its own special bag along with your wash/dry/fold bag. We pick it up, clean it up, hang it up and send it back with your other clean clothes.

How much would you pay for this privilege? How about exactly the same as you’d pay to drop it off yourself.

It’s true — with Laundrymen there’s no pickup or delivery charge for dry cleaning. Just add it to your regular order, pay per piece, and get everything back in two days. So whether you’ve got dress shirts or a leather jacket, a wedding gown or a sleeping bag, we’ve got you covered. And cleaned.

Laundrymen is the exact same price as the leading dry cleaning chain in Durham and there are no pickup/delivery fees!

Yeah, but how much does it cost?

We Hear Your Thoughts, Savvy Consumers! No one likes to get the runaround about what a service includes or costs. That’s why Laundrymen has no hidden fees, no delivery costs, and lets you change your pickup frequency or bag size at any time.

Click or scroll down for our dry cleaning and specialty laundry prices.

Ready to Say "Goodbye Dirty Laundry"?

One Time, As-Needed, or recurring dry cleaning and launder press, and wash / dry / fold laundry services available!

Dry Cleaning Price List

Get the same prices you’d pay if you took it in yourself. Without, you know, actually having to take it in yourself.
Dry Cleaning
2 pc. Suits $17.50
Slacks / Trousers $8.50
Blazers / Sport jackets $9.00
Skirts $8.50
Blouses $8.50
Dresses $16.50
Ties $7.00
Shorts $8.25
Sweaters / Sweatshirts $8.50
Jeans $8.75
Coats $17.75+
Raincoats $17.75+
Down Coats $45.00+
Shirt / Knit shirts $7.50
Vest $7.00
Scarf $7.75+
Designer T-Shirts $9.50
Laundered & Pressed
Shirts $3.75
Blouses $8.50
Knit Shirts $7.50
Tuxedo Shirts $4.75
Jeans / Slacks $9.00
Designer Jeans $11.50
Shorts $8.75
Fatigues $17.50
Lab Coats $10.25
Other Items
Full-size+ Comforter $34.50
Down Comforter $40.25
Mattress Protector $28.75
Sleeping Bags $29.25