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UNC Chapel Hill (Off-Campus Only)

Keeping it Clean Around the Hill

Tar Heels are known for a lot of things, but we don’t think anybody wants to be remembered as “UNC-Chapel Hill’s best laundry doer.” We’d go so far as to say you probably don’t want to think about doing laundry at all. We get it.

This is why we offer convenient, affordable, reliable wash/dry/fold and dry-cleaning services that live up to your exacting standards. We’re certified and accredited with the Residence Hall Association, pay our highly trained staff a living wage, use advanced equipment, and only environmentally friendly cleaning materials.

So you can be sure your clothes will get cleaned right; every time.

Wherever you live in South Durham, Chapel Hill, or Carrboro: we’ll pick up your bag full of dirty laundry, clean and neatly fold everything, then have it back to you in 48 hours. Use us once, once a week, or once a month for wash/dry/fold or dry-cleaning; we’ll customize your service to suit your needs.

Whether you’re a UNC student, faculty, or staff member, get ready for:

  • Contactless pickup and delivery, on and off-campus
  • A steady stream of clean clothes
  • Pricing by the bag for wash/dry/fold or by the piece for dry-cleaning
  • Service that follows the school calendar
  • Convenient weekly or bi-weekly service
  • Equally convenient automatic billing
  • Professional dry-cleaning with tailoring and repair options

Yeah, but how much does it cost??

We Hear Your Thoughts, Savvy Consumers! No one likes to get the runaround about what a service includes or costs. That’s why Laundrymen has no hidden fees, no delivery costs, and lets you change your pickup frequency or bag size at any time.

Click or scroll down for our campus prices.

Ready to say "Goodbye Dirty Laundry"?

One Time, As-Needed, or recurring wash / dry / fold laundry, and dry cleaning and launder press services available!

We encourage our students to register for semester plans, but also offer one-time and as-needed services. Semester plans listed below are full the full spring or fall semesters. They are prorated weekly as the semester progresses, so you'll never pay for services you can't use.

Campus Pricing
Per Pound (10 pound minimum) Best for tiny loads, or conquering Mount Laundry* $2.50/lb
Regular Bag (20 pounds; 2-2 ½ loads) Best for Average Students $45/bag
Big Bag (30 pounds; 3-3 ½ loads) Best for Athletes, Social Butterflies, and those who love clothes $58/bag
Discount when you register for weekly services $7 off every bag!

Wash, Dry, Fold Exceptions:

While we accept all your normal clothes, sheets, and towels in our wash, dry, fold service, there are some exceptions due to size or material constraints. These include:

  • Pillows
  • Shoes
  • Queen & Larger Comforters
  • All Down Comforters
  • Quilts
  • Decorative bedding like duvet covers and elaborate pillow shams
  • Mattress protectors
  • Items with Leather or Fur

Most of these items can be handled through our dry cleaning/ launder and press service, though some may need to be sent out for special handling.

*Conquering Mount Laundry may take longer than our usual 48-hour turn-around. Please let us know if you have a very large order (over 60 lbs), so we can give you an accurate timeframe.