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How it Works

Hello, Laundrymen. Goodbye, hassle.

A new way to do something you really don’t like to do.

Here's how it works:

  • You sign up

    With Laundrymen’s easy-to-use services, it’s a snap to get registered and a breeze to schedule your wash/dry/fold and dry cleaning pickup. We even supply you with official Laundrymen bags to use. Get started right now by calling 919-215-8575, or do it all online.

  • We pick up

    Once you have your bags — one for wash/dry/fold items and, if you choose, one for dry cleaning — your dirty stuff is good to go. Just leave the bags in the pre-arranged spot on your scheduled pickup day, and a kind, helpful, dedicated (you get the idea) Laundrymen Rep will take it from there.

    Dry cleaning:
    Priced per piece; use the handy orange bag when your special items need some special attention. No contract or on-going service required. Dry cleaning is always charged per piece with no delivery charge or minimum order.

    Choose weekly or bi-weekly service, and the Regular or Big Bag (stuff it full — there’s no weight limit). We also offer one-time or limited time service. Use our service as long as needed – no contract required. Just give us a call to discuss!

  • You look great

    Just two days later, you get everything back — neat, clean and ready to wear. Wash/dry/fold items are folded and shrink-wrapped; dry cleaned items are on hangers and draped in plastic. Your empty laundry bags come back, too, ready to start the whole hassle-free cycle all over again.

    It’s really that easy.